+ Legislatively Overturn Roe v Wade

March 22, 2014


It is possible to overturn Roe v Wade by Congressional Legislation. We do not have wait until the Supreme Court, who created the “right” to abortion out of thin air in violation of their Constitutional mandate, to correct their arrogance. We can overturn Roe v Wade by legislation.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has introduced and co-sponsored the Life at Conception Act in the Senate (S.583), along with 21 others. In the House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) introduced the Life at Conception Act, (H.R.1091) with 124 others.

Life at Conception Act – Declares that the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution is vested in each human being beginning at the moment of fertilization, cloning, or other moment at which an individual comes into being. Prohibits construing this Act to authorize the prosecution of any woman for the death of her unborn child.

This Act establishes what medicine and science has established long ago, that life begins at conception. Establishing this scientific fact into law will overturn Roe v Wade.

Senator Rand Paul explains:

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+ Pope: Prisons shouldn’t just be about punishment

November 23, 2012

+ Statistics

August 4, 2012

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+ West Virginia Judge, William Watkins goes Berserk

July 3, 2012

West Virginia Judge, William Watkins goes Berserk, berates and threatens (with abuse of power) Rev. Arthur D. Hage in a divorce hearing. In listening to the video recording of the hearing, it is perfectly clear in our mind that Judge Watkins should be removed from the bench because of ?his anger issues and utterly?unprofessional?behavior that goes way beyond the pale.

No matter what Rev. Hage has done, and as best as we can tell he merely expressed his First Amendment rights and talked to a reporter, Judge Watkins behavior disqualifies him, in our opinion, as an officer of justice.

One source of the Judge’s anger is sourced in the Newspaper publishing a picture of his house, causing the Judge and his family to come under duress from some members of the public terrorizing his family. We completely understand that anger. However, Rev. Hage does not control the press. Even if Rev. Hage did control the press, the over-the-top anger of Judge Watkins, which is?understandable?if his family was under attack, the proper and judicial response for the judge would be to recuse himself, instead of humiliating himself in the way be behaved.

After this hearing, Rev. Hage filed an ethics violation against the Judge, as was proper to do. Only after the ethics complaint did Judge Watkins?recused himself from the case. This is something a professional would have done from the very beginning.

Our concern, however, is not exclusive to this one judge, but to the growing lack of judicial decorum witness in many cases like this one. Justice cannot be served by Judges like this one, and more critically, outright miscarriage of justice is likely.

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+ Kansas Courts Collude to Protect Planned Parenthood

June 11, 2012

The evil of Planned Parenthood knows no bounds. As such, the devil takes extraordinary means to protect his project of killing innocents through Planned Parenthood, the organization began by Margaret Sanger for the purpose of eugenics to eliminate “unfit” people such as the ill, infirmed. poor, insane, and blacks.

In this case the “Kansas Supreme Court colluded with prosecutors and the Kathleen Sebelius administration to halt his [Attorney General??Phill Kline]?investigation and turn the media against him, culminating in an effort to end his legal career.”

This is another of many examples of the typical Progressive strategy to abuse power to crush those who oppose them.

Anatomy of a lie: Kansas court?s scheme
to eliminate Planned Parenthood prosecutor revealed

by Kathleen Gilbert

?OPEKA, Kansas, June 7, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The man who became the first prosecutor in America to take on Planned Parenthood in court has revealed new details in the astonishing story of how the Kansas Supreme Court colluded with prosecutors and the Kathleen Sebelius administration to halt his investigation and turn the media against him, culminating in an effort to end his legal career.

For those unfamiliar with the Phill Kline case, the?recusal motion?filed last month by lawyers for the former Kansas Attorney General deftly encapsulates how the investigator was vilified for allegedly violating ?patient privacy? in the normal course of investigating child rape, which in turn brought him head to head with Planned Parenthood.?

The motion tells the story Kline?summed up recently?as ?Alice through the looking glass: It only gets curiouser and curiouser.?

Although Kline?s motion focused on the need for two of the state Supreme Court?s justices to recuse themselves, in a testimony to the strength of his argument, all five Supreme Court justices named for their involvement in the case recused themselves last month – an exodus unprecedented in recent memory, as a Court spokesman?acknowledged.

One of the motion?s early footnotes notes that the reason for the twisted tale was predictable: it involved abortion.?

?It is difficult to fathom any other context where criminal targets could so effectively use the courts to prevent a prosecutor from using lawful means to gather evidence of their crimes,? said Kline?s lawyers. ?However, in the context of abortion it should surprise no one.? The lawyers quoted U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia?s observation that, ?the jurisprudence of this Court has a way of changing when abortion is involved.?

From the beginning, AG Kline?s investigation into child rape was repeatedly hampered by abortionists? extraordinary legal motions: in one example, the court handed over the task of redacting the records in question to the target of the investigation itself, Planned Parenthood – a move Kline called ?unprecedented,? and which resulted in over-redaction.

As soon as Kline moved out of the attorney general?s office in 2007, Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri teamed with Kansas? new top attorney in a desperate bid to recover the abortion records Kline still held.

Kline?s pro-abortion successor, AG Steve Morrison, first attempted to run ?an intelligence raid for Planned Parenthood? in the spring of 2007 by demanding Kline?s records – even though Morrison already owned copies of all of them, and had no intention of prosecuting anyway – but the motion was denied. Two months later, Planned Parenthood began trying to force Kline to hand over the records. Meanwhile Morrison, who publicly cleared Planned Parenthood of charges, subpoenaed a local magistrate for his copy of the records.

When that failed, Planned Parenthood officials arrived unannounced three days later in the same judge?s office to demand the records. The judge, Richard Anderson, said the records likely contained evidence of their criminal activity, and refused.

Finally, Morrison joined forces with Planned Parenthood itself in their Supreme Court action against Kline, a bid that failed in December 2008.

But Supreme Court Justice Carol Beier?s opinion in that ruling, widely noted for its surprisingly abusive language against Kline, had a falsehood buried within that few noticed at the time: she wrote that Kline left ?no coherent copies? of the records at the AG?s office, a claim Kline?s lawyers called a ?whopper.? The ?spectacular falsehood? was the basis of Beier?s faux ?sanction? ordering Kline to return totally redundant record copies, putting him in a bad light.

Even worse, previous writings by Beier strongly hinted that the red herring was intentional: Beier had endorsed the idea that ?[t]he media are tools to produce cultural infrastructure.?

The ruse worked: ?Kline abortion prosecution faulted, Justices order medical records turned over to state,? reported the?Topeka Capital-Journal; the?Kansas City Star blared, ?High court sanctions Kline for handling of abortion records.?

Ultimately, many of the 107 charges Kline had brought against Planned Parenthood, including all 23 felonies, were thrown out last year when it was discovered that the Kathleen Sebelius administration had destroyed key documents needed to compare Kline?s records with Planned Parenthood?s later submissions. The destruction took place in 2005, two years after Kline began uncovering abortionists? alleged criminal activity.

Fortunately, Kline?s recent recusal motion has had an impact: four days after the filing, the five justices, including Sebelius-appointed Carol Beier, said they would recuse themselves based on a technicality regarding their previous involvement with Kline – something they would have known about for years – reasoning Kline?s attorney called a smokescreen to divert attention from the embarrassing motion.

Even so, said the attorney, the layers of deception demonstrated in the case have rendered it ?irretrievably flawed.? Meanwhile, as Kline fights the ethics allegations aimed at suspending his license, in proceedings that have also?proved deeply flawed thus far, his legal expenses have topped $300,000 and counting.

Although the recusal motion focused on Justice Beier?s role in the affair, its contents reveal just how far Kansas officials were willing to go to protect Planned Parenthood from prosecution.

Not only were AG Morrison?s actions baseless other than to erase record of abortionsts? wrongdoing, said Kline?s lawyers, but the Beier sanction raised the stakes even more by requiring Kline to hand over records that Kansas officials never had to begin with – ones he procured in his own subsequent abortion investigations as a district attorney.

As a result, private documents and statements Kline had assured sources would be kept private, were handed over to Kansas – and abortionists.

?I?ve been told,? said Kline, ?that all of that information was then turned over to the attorneys for the abortion clinics.?

Click?here?for more information on contributing to Phill Kline?s legal fund.

+ Christian Freed from Slave-like Conditions

February 25, 2012

NCJP frees Christian man held
in slave-like conditions by rich Muslim

by Shafique Khokhar

NCJP activists successfully obtain the release of Qamar Masih, 25, father of two, who was abducted over an unpaid debt by a landowner for whom he used to work in “slave-like conditions”. A priest in Faisalabad is happy about the outcome, blames such incidents on the country’s “feudal system”.


Faisalabad (AsiaNews) February 24, 2012 ??A rich Muslim landowner abducted a Christian man in Faisalabad for failure to repay a debt he had contracted and not repaid whilst working for him. Sources close to the Christian man’s family said the latter left the job tired of being exploited and abused for a pittance. Only the intervention of the National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) of the Catholic Church of Pakistan led to the man’s release and a peaceful resolution of the issue. However, the case highlights the fact that Pakistan’s “feudal system” forces “poor workers into slave-like conditions”.

Today, Qamar Masih, also known as Bhola 35, a Christian father two from Malkhanwala ?in Faisalabad, is back at work at a cattle feed shop owned by a Muslim where he earns 7,500 rupees (US$ 88) a month, a salary that allows him to make a decent living for himself and his family.

However, just this Wednesday, his former employer, Bilal Sarwar Cheema, a rich landowner connected with Punjab’s land mafia, had him abducted by a group of armed men. He was kidnapped because he had not repaid a loan (20,000 rupees) the rich Muslim landowner had granted to him last year.

In order to secure her husband’s release, Qamar’s 32-year-old wife, Uzma Dildar, called on Fr Khalid Rasheed Asi and the activists of the Faisalabad branch of the NCJP for help. She told them that her husband had quit his job because of constant harassment and abuses from his employer who treated him like a serf.

The NCJP went to the police, which opened an investigation. When they met the rich Muslim landowner, Bilal Sarwar Cheema confirmed the abduction. He told police that when he found out that Qamar had returned home after an absence of seven months, he decided to abduct him.

Mediation allowed the Christian man to go free on condition he repay the loan in instalments over a certain period so that he had enough money to support his wife and daughters.

Contacted by?AsiaNews, Fr Khalid Rasheed Asi explained, “Pakistan’s remotest regions are still under a feudal system”. It is common practice “for rich landowners to grant loans” and “then keep workers in slave-like conditions for generations” doing “nothing but the same job”.

“I’m happy,” the clergyman said, “that for once the matter was sorted out peacefully.”

U.S. Government Seeks Yet Another Power Grab

January 18, 2012


The video below discusses the Senate version of the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). In the Senate the bill is called the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). SOPA has gotten more attention than PIPA because it was moving faster in the legislative process. But PIPA is just as dangerous, and now it is moving faster.

PIPA would give the government new powers to block Americans’ access websites that corporations don’t like. The bill lets corporations and the US government censor entire websites and cut sites off from advertising, payments and donations.

This legislation will stifle free speech and innovation, and even threaten popular web services like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

The bill is scheduled for a test vote in the Senate on Jan. 24th: We need to act now to let our lawmakers know just how terrible it is. Will you fill out the form above to ask your lawmakers to oppose the legislation and support a filibuster?

This is a “sweet deal” for the Entertainment Industry. The industry will no longer have to deal with the complications of laws already on the books to protect their intellectual property. ?Instead, these bills give more power to the government. As we all know, history has proven that government cannot be trusted with power. This is why our Founding Fathers, in their great wisdom, constructed a Constitution to limit government power and to protect citizens from the rights that only God can grant (see the Declaration of Independence, which progressives also ignore).

Here is a cute song about this issue:


Articles on issue:

To help in understanding the bills before Congress and why they are so dangerous, click here.

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Benedict XVI visits prison in Rome

December 19, 2011

Our Holy Father calls all people of good will to encourage and assist governments and corrections departments to treat prisoners with respect and dignity that is due to all human beings. He said, “?Prisoners are human beings who deserve, despite their crime, to be treated with respect and dignity. They need our attention.?


Christian Bale roughed up trying to visit China pro-life activist

December 16, 2011


DONGSHIGU VILLAGE, China, December 16, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Famed?Batman?star Christian Bale is making headlines after he traveled nine hours from Beijing to visit blind forced abortion opponent Chen Guangcheng.?

The actor never got the chance, however, as he was roughed up and forced away from Chen?s village by Chinese government officials, according to a CNN?report.

?What I really wanted to do was shake the man?s hand and say ?thank you,? and tell him what an inspiration he is,? he said.

Bale was in Beijing for the premiere of ?The Flowers of War,? a drama about the 1937 Rape of Nanjing. About his attempt to visit Chen, Bale stated, ?I?m not brave doing this . . . This was just a situation ? I can?t look the other way.?

According to Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women?s Rights Without Frontiers, ?Christian Bale is a hero.? He is starring in the most expensive film ever made in China, which China hopes will win an Academy Award.? Nevertheless, he has the courage to stand against official injustice and has greatly raised the visibility of Chen?s case.?

Littlejohn contrasted Bale?s actions with those of Relativity Media.? ?Christian Bale has used his star power to shine a light on the unjust treatment of Chen Guangcheng,? she said.? ?In contrast, Relativity Media filmed ?21 and Over? in Linyi, where Chen is languishing under house arrest.? They did nothing to help Chen.? I hope that moviegoers will demonstrate their concern for Chen Guangcheng at the box office.? We encourage people to see ?The Flowers of War? and boycott ?21 and Over.??

Christian Bale is not the only one who has focused attention on Chen Guangcheng.? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke have both recently spoken on his behalf.? ?We urge Ambassador Locke to visit Chen Guangcheng,? stated Littlejohn.

The flow of Chinese citizens to visit Chen despite the risk of beatings and detention, and the Chinese and international ?Sunglasses? campaigns, have raised the visibility of Chen?s case as well.? These campaigns can be found?here?and?here.

Chen Guangcheng exposed the systematic use of forced abortion and sterilization in Linyi City in 2005.? For four years, three months, he was jailed, tortured and denied medical treatment.? Since his release he has languished under strict house arrest.?

Sign a petition to free Chen?here.

Pontiff Lauds Efforts To End Death Penalty

December 4, 2011


Notes Human Dignity of Prisoners

VATICAN CITY, NOV. 30, 2011 (Zenit.org).- Benedict XVI today addressed a group of people working to the end the death penalty, expressing his hopes that their efforts will succeed.

At the end of the general audience, the Pope spoke in English to delegations from a number of countries participating in a meeting being promoted by the Sant’Egidio Community on the theme “No Justice without Life.”?

He said: “I express my hope that your deliberations will encourage the political and legislative initiatives being promoted in a growing number of countries to eliminate the death penalty and to continue the substantive progress made in conforming penal law both to the human dignity of prisoners and the effective maintenance of public order.”