+ Student Accused of Sexual Harassment Because He Wrote Instructor’s Name Wrong

October 6, 2016

Keaton Wahlbon, a University of Tennessee student, is accused of sexual harassment because wrote down his lab instructor name incorrectly. He chose a name at random, which the professor said he could if he did not know the name of the lab instructor. By change the generic name he chose was Sarah Jackson, who happens to be a pornographic model. Wahlbon has never heard of Jackson. He got a zero for his earth science assignment.

This is an example of political correctness gone insane. It is time to permanently commit Miss Political Correctness to an insane asylum. Stories like this one, and the other Special Snowflake stories, provide the evidence for an involuntary commitment.

Wihlbon’s professor, Bill Deane, was unmoved by Wihlbon’s plea that the name he chose was at random and there were no intentions to harass anyone. Deane, as a result, will be inducted into our Hall of Shame.

Wihlbon is appealing the professor’s decision to the University’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Here is the story from Total Frat Move.


Write to Professor William Deane:

Write to Larry McKay, Head of the Department

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
1412 Circle Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996-1410

Phone: (865) 974-5498
Email: lmckay@utk.edu



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