+ Transgender Charged With Raping 10-Year-Old Girl In Bathroom

October 20, 2017

Transgender Charged With Raping 10-Year-Old Girl In Bathroom

Miguel Martinez, who identifies as a woman, went on trial this past Monday in Billings, Wyoming, for allegedly luring a 10-year-old  girl into a bathroom on March 23 of this year. He allegedly grope her breasts and genitals and then raped her. Martinez is a biological male but identifies him as a female named Michelle.

The Casper Star Tribune reports:

Police officers found Martinez passed out on a couch in a home in Evansville. Martinez was extremely intoxicated and hard to wake up, according to the documents. Officers drove Martinez to the Casper Police Department for an interview.

Martinez became “noticeably hostile and defensive” when a detective began asking about the girl’s allegations. Martinez said that the girl had been “talking crap” earlier that day and denied being a child molester. Martinez said the accusations were a “publicity stunt” before refusing to speak further with the detective.

This is an example of a growing number of cases of assaults by transgendered men allowed access to women’s restrooms. The Daily Wire reported on five such cases.

The left/progressives deny that this would happen or, in a fit of moral depravity that is despicable, assert that girls and women molested and raped is the price to pay to accomplish “inclusivity” and “equality.”