+ West Virginia Judge, William Watkins goes Berserk

July 3, 2012

West Virginia Judge, William Watkins goes Berserk, berates and threatens (with abuse of power) Rev. Arthur D. Hage in a divorce hearing. In listening to the video recording of the hearing, it is perfectly clear in our mind that Judge Watkins should be removed from the bench because of ?his anger issues and utterly?unprofessional?behavior that goes way beyond the pale.

No matter what Rev. Hage has done, and as best as we can tell he merely expressed his First Amendment rights and talked to a reporter, Judge Watkins behavior disqualifies him, in our opinion, as an officer of justice.

One source of the Judge’s anger is sourced in the Newspaper publishing a picture of his house, causing the Judge and his family to come under duress from some members of the public terrorizing his family. We completely understand that anger. However, Rev. Hage does not control the press. Even if Rev. Hage did control the press, the over-the-top anger of Judge Watkins, which is?understandable?if his family was under attack, the proper and judicial response for the judge would be to recuse himself, instead of humiliating himself in the way be behaved.

After this hearing, Rev. Hage filed an ethics violation against the Judge, as was proper to do. Only after the ethics complaint did Judge Watkins?recused himself from the case. This is something a professional would have done from the very beginning.

Our concern, however, is not exclusive to this one judge, but to the growing lack of judicial decorum witness in many cases like this one. Justice cannot be served by Judges like this one, and more critically, outright miscarriage of justice is likely.

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3 Responses to “+ West Virginia Judge, William Watkins goes Berserk”

  1. Tom says:

    Are you people serious? Yes, the whole time I was watching I was waiting for Judge Watkins to recuse himself, and he did commit some ethics violations. However the so called “Reverend” was obviously obstructing the divorce proceedings purposefully as some sort of revenge on his ex-wife, and most likely knew the local media person and deliberately spoke to reporters about his case and the judge in hopes to smear the esteemed jurist. Why else would somebody or the media care about his divorce proceedings anyway. Who Cares? In addition the Right Reverend Hage knowingly violated a protection order and refused to comply with any of the court’s orders (all of which are well within the law). Yes Hage has his rights but at what point do you stop or let those rights cause harm to others. In my opinion Hage deserves every bit of a criminal prosecution and everything that he has coming to him. He will never get anywhere with his case against the Judge. Hage is a POS who poses as a respectable person in society

  2. Pierpont says:

    Sounds like “Tom” is Watkins’ online persona. No one but Watkins himself would excuse this behavior.

    As a lawyer I am appalled at Watkins’ profanity and disgusting demeanor. He is a disgrace to the entire judicial system. And the Hage case is just one example. Google “Judge William Watkins” for more. You will note that in all of the examples, Watkins verbally assaults people who are not represented by a lawyer. IOW, like all bullies, he is a coward. If he ever pulled this sort of stunt in my presence or with one of my clients, I would have him roasted.

    The fact that the WV Supreme Court has condoned this behavior by not charging Watkins is an even more egregious indication of West Virginia?s third-world view of the judicial system.

  3. Bro. Ignatius Mary says:

    Tom, This is not about Hage. It does not matter what Hage has done. This is about the dignity of the bench and the behavior of a judge. From what Pierpoint has said it appears that this is not an isolated incident for this judge.

    Your comments remind me of the immature people who are pulled over for speeding and protest, “But, that other car was speeding, too.” Perhaps the other guy was speeding, but that is not a defense or excuse for oneself. The point is that “you” are speeding regardless of what anyone else was doing.

    This judge needs to be off the bench permanently, or set into a facility for rehabilitation of his personality before being allowed back on the bench. I also agree with Pierpoint about the State of West Virgina’s lack of action toward this judge. The State’s lack of action makes the State’s judicial system look like stereotypicalical hillbilly justice.

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